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Discretion & Professionalism at all times

confidentiality agreements

We have worked alongside VIP clients for the past 15 years and we understand that they have different needs and expectations. We can deliver upon these expectations. We also strive to create long term relationships with our VIP clients that allow us to maintain and provide for all their AV needs for many years and over many different properties.

We understand there is often a complex decision-making process and a team of property managers, IT specialists, PA’s and housekeeping staff that need to be communicated with at all times in order to ensure that the properties are in perfect working order for when the VIP arrives.

Discretion & Professionalism at all times

We are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements and we take this very seriously. Every time our staff signs back to back agreements to ensure everyone understands the sensitive nature of the clients details and property.

Fast Response Times

All emails and verbal communication are dealt with within a 1hr turnaround time to ensure the client’s team have the right information at all times. We understand the need to gather a full picture and all options before they are presented to the client so we will endeavour to provide this information at all times.


We are willing to work on foreign projects worldwide, either as consultants or for the full installation. We understand the requirement for consistency for a client who has multiple properties across the world and this is only truly achieved by having the AV design completed by a single company. We can travel to survey foreign properties and arrange for a team of engineers to travel to complete works if required.



We offer a service whereby we install equipment within the main racks which allow us to monitor and maintain the system remotely. This allows us the possibility of resolving an issue without inconveniencing the client by requiring access to the site.

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