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Smart Home Commercial Team is specialised in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining audiovisual systems and have been helping small companies and corporates, schools, churches and high street businesses install the right Audio-Visual solution throughout the United Kingdom for over 15 years.
Our specialist solutions and staff developed the skill and expertise to handle a room of any size, ranging from small rooms or offices throughout to large offices, halls, theatres and churches.



Audio-visual systems for a business need to be unostentatious and should blend into the room environment. Smart Home Commercial Team have been installing systems in boardrooms and meeting rooms for over fifteen years.

We can help design and install the right system for video conferencing or just for meetings and presentations.

Our system works smoothly and is well concealed and out of your way, causing no clutter or unsightly tangled mess in your boardroom, making your presentations and meetings professional and smart.

If you require, we can also add automated control systems with user-friendly interfaces which can be used to dim the lights, lower a screen, turn on/off sound and projection systems.

The Commercial Team at Smart Home is all about creating effective and sophisticated boardroom and meeting room environments using the multiple sensory experiences that high-quality audio-visual equipment can bring to a space.

We have never seen such fast development in remote conferencing and meetings. We have been observing new trends in virtual conferencing, video streaming and we have noticed how this is changing the way we work and interact.

The main issue with virtual conferencing is the quality of sound, video and internet speeds.

Choosing cheap products will cost you more than what you save in lost time. Having to repeat messages because they were not heard, or poor sound or low-resolution video, it all adds up to a frustrating experience.

We have access to a wide range of the best conferencing and streaming products on the market and we help you choose the right mix of products for your company requirements in order to achieve the best results during your remote conferences and meetings.


Theatres, Churches and Halls differ from house rooms or office and may require greater automation and control connected with a larger projector and sound system installation in support.

We have the appropriate skills, abilities and experience to design, install and service systems for big and demanding halls and we can tailor a custom solution to suit the specific needs of your environment.

We also can add automated control systems with modern interfaces which can turn a sophisticated installation into user-friendly one.

We offer to set up colour touch screen interfaces that enable the user to simply touch one button which then sets off certain scenes to suit their needs.

We can design an automated Theatre, Church or Hall system to remotely or automatically:

• light up or dim the lights;
• regulate a screen;
• turn on or off sound and projection systems;
• regulate volume to a pre-set level;
• activate or deactivate microphones and;
• activate audio;
• control blinds and curtains.

The above functions and more can be automated into single remote /button control. Our design of automation can extend as far as may be required to suit your requirements and budget.


Smart Home Commercial Team provides boutique music and advertising service, specialising in shopping centres and in-store environments throughout UK and Europe.

The sound within shopping centres and stores is one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools in the shopping experience. Happy people spend more, so do not overlook the enormous impact sound has been proven to have on mood and spending. If a store looks great, we believe it should sound great too, since happy people spend more!

Combine this with the ability to have your centre announcements and promotions delivered by professional, commercial voices, and the ability for your retailers to promote their products and you have a winning combination, as our many customers can attest to.

Think of Smart Home Commercial Team as a personalised radio station for your centre, playing the music and advertisements you want and nothing you do not. The ability to have not only a tailored music service but to have only your and your retailers’ advertisements playing is an exceptional offering and set at a price that makes it competitive with music services that provide far less.

Our extended knowledge and detailed project management in the design and implementation of Audio-Visual solutions for commercial business allow us to provide quality advice and service to our clients to assist with their requirement.

Smart Home Commercial Team engineers are trained to provide quality service in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated audio and video and solutions.




We help you to Keep Your Guests Entertained.

We can implement sophisticated, state of the art systems to give your customers the best TV, sports and music viewing experience possible. This helps to increase revenue and keep your customers happy and coming back.

Our installations bring you the best in:
• Sports
• News
• Entertainment
• Music

Easy to Operate Control Systems

We can design your system and it all devices into a single control system easy to operate with one remote control and one operating wall mount panel. With this proper control system, your guests can enjoy the venue and watch the programs they love, and your employees can focus on their duties.

Customers appreciate not only TV channels, but also special environment created by music and lighting. Choosing and installing a custom state-of-the-art music system is a proper way to create an unforgettable environment.

A premium audio system for your restaurant or bar can create an energetic atmosphere that will create returning happy customers.



Commercial access control systems are an essential way to keep your buildings secure. Many businesses with fewer than ten or so employees can manage fine with a traditional key and lock setup, but larger companies find extremely beneficial our access control systems. These systems help you reduce security risks in several ways.

Easy to maintain key loss-Instead of having to reissue new keys to everyone when one becomes lost or an employee leaves, these systems make it simple to replace a lost key/card or remove access from one individual person.

Restrict Specific Areas- when employers do not provide access to every office, closet, or floor to every employee commercial keyless entry system allow you to restrict who can go where.

Protect Valuables-If your business contains valuable items, especially if it is one with a high street value, then a commercial access control system can help you identify exactly who entered the property after hours. This system prevents theft or catch the offender if a situation does occur. With traditional keys, there is no way of knowing which employee unlocked the door at what time during working hours and after working hours.

Multi-Shift Work – if your business operates all day and night it means that you have employees coming and going regularly. Keyless entry helps to identify people who enter the building.



Smart Home Commercial Team is committed to the implementation of unique and sophisticated digital signage solutions across a range of industries including High Street Retail and Shopping Centres, Restaurants Menu, Real Estate, Corporate, Entertainment, Travel and Leisure.

Smart Home Commercial Team helps you to choose solutions that enable you to deliver hi-tech, interactive and compelling content with ease in our fast-paced world with ever-changing content needs. Our system allows you updates that are just a mouse-click away and display preferences are controlled by you.

Video Walls

Video Wall is highly visible not only to passers-by but also to people across the street or a hall. The Video Wall is built using a series of interconnected LCD/LED screens linked to a computer network. This solution is perfect for Shopping Centres, showrooms, stadiums and conference venues.

Our sophisticated software enables you to upload your advertisement, video or graphic via a single desktop or laptop computer.

The Video Wall is configured the way the 4K resolution is multiplied and not divided, this results in high-definition images or videos being shown in TRUE 4K.

The Video Wall benefits:

• Offers a full-colour multi-screen content display system.
• Cost-effective – the initial infrastructure investment is easily recovered comparing to traditional advertising.
• Allows to instantly upload and update the content at any time when required.
• The software can be tailored specifically to meet your business needs regarding multimedia advertising and marketing.
• Provides a big-screen experience without compromising the quality of resolution.




We offer a complete design and installation of your new audio-visual systems with a comprehensive maintenance service.

Our certified AV technicians ensure you get a high level of service and understanding of installed systems.

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